Join Our Team

We Love Where We Live

Richmond sits along the James River, which cascades down from the Appalachian Mountains and then rolls along to join other rivers and flow into the Atlantic Ocean. We’re only 2 hours from the Blue Ridge Mountains, 2 hours from the ocean beaches and we can zoom out of here and boom!, we’re playing hard in the wilds.

We Love Richmond

Richmond, a.k.a. "River City," is layered with history, reflected in its cobblestone streets, statues, ironworks, and ancient brick row houses. We’ve got a great culinary scene (and BBQ!), quirky little shops and microbreweries, and mountain-biking and kayaking within the city limits. Stroll along the canal or hop over to an island concert. The colleges here add to our creative, multicultural, inventive young community. Our tech scene is hot and Tumblr has a branch here, so your neighbor may be geeky, too.

We Love Where We Work

Our office is a newly renovated warehouse space (once a paper company) on the river, with the original floors and old brick walls. While we have some office areas, it’s mostly a large open space with desks and the hardware and software you’d expect.

We also have a TV/living room area, a little kitchen, and retro gaming consoles from the dawn of video games all the way up to the latest Xbox. Most of the time we’re so into our work that time flies by. But, yep, there’s good coffee, a fridge, and too much candy—if there is such a thing.

We Love Collaborating

Though we can work from home, we’re usually here, seeing each other’s entire process on a project, exchanging ideas, and having a work hard/play hard attitude... but not in that adrenaline-junkie way.

It’s more like, “Let’s dive into this intense challenge, nail it, have very happy clients, and then go outside and enjoy where we live and who we love in our lives.” We offer ideas and participate in the big thinking for the company rather than just putting in our hours and going home. There’s a sense that we’re all on an awesome journey together.

We Love Who We Work With

We’re a small growing company: a tiny but MIGHTY team. We’re blazing our path and we’ve been around for a while. Some of us are totally family-oriented, others are single. We’re not skinny jeans. We’re more like shorts and T-shirts. But we clean up real good for company.

Each month we’ll leave early and go do something fun together outdoors. We also might go eat out together, or Shawn will decide it’s time to order in pizza. Family members will come along sometimes and there are babies. Babies everywhere.

We’d Love to Have You Join Our Team

We value the contributions of everyone here. Together we make eecoder what it is. If you "get" how hard and smart we work for our clients, you’ll be amply rewarded—and have a few new friends.

We go to 2 or 3 industry-related fully paid conferences a year, in places like San Francisco or Austin or New York. We have competitive salaries, paid vacation, health insurance, and a 401(k).