Why Use ExpressionEngine?

No Matter What Your Needs...

Publisher, news service, small business, large corporation, portfolio, social network, startup, faith-based group, blog, intranet, e-commerce, educational or governmental organization, sites for technology, entertainment, sports, medicine, product, or service...

Yes. ExpressionEngine Can Do It.

It’s created for content management, for getting your content out to your audience. No matter how complex your organization. No matter how many people use your CMS. No matter what kind of content you have.

In eecoder’s hands, ExpressionEngine is...

ExpressionEngine is a technological powerhouse. Yet it can be fine-tuned and tweaked to the smallest nuance, until every detail perfectly reflects what you need.

In the right hands, ExpressionEngine adjusts to the needs of the user, rather than forcing the user to adjust or compromise in order to get things done.

Why Ethical and Sustainable?

We’re not “hacking” software, twisting and forcing existing code into something it was never meant to be. We take EE’s core software and build on it and create add-ons and LEAVE THE CORE CODE IN PLACE. Other developers can build on or tweak our code.

Three or four or six years from now when your company changes, you won’t need to hire a development team to completely rebuild a platform for you from scratch. Other EE specialists won’t have to untangle a web of code before digging in. Our code is CLEAN.

We build your site with your current and future needs in mind. That’s sustainability.

That, from our point of view, is the ethical way to do business.

eecoder delivered a site that is intuitive to use, robust, and flexible - not to mention that it was all done on time and drama-free. They even matched me with a designer who was a great fit. By asking the right questions, eecoder and the designer did a lot of problem-solving behind the scenes that I never had to be bothered with. When I wanted to add in components that were outside the original scope of work, the costs were reasonable and they were completed quickly. I will definitely work with eecoder on future projects.

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